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Everyone loves this except for Heath Mello, whos hoping for a couple of blizzards before the election. * This weekend the Durham Museum opens a new exhibit on the 1970s. Kids whose parents tell them that Snapchat is dumb, you may want to check out something called a mood ring. * Just a heads up: If you see a guy in the Old Market with long hair, beads, bell bottoms and a tie-dye T-shirt, he is not part of the Durham '70s exhibit. * Democrat Brian Thommes, a political novice, is running for a seat on Omahas City Council. That should hurt him in the election. Not being a novice, but being a Democrat. * Nebraska State Sen. John Murante of Gretna is accused of conflict of interest after a bill he introduced could benefit a company hes linked to. Who does he think he is, the president? * Facebook is reportedly eyeing a 146-acre site south of Papillion. Its thrilling to think eastern Nebraska may have a tiny role in all the fake news that Americans mistake for real news.

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